Save $$

In this economy, who doesn't want to save a little!?  Here are some ideas for ways you can save and pay it forward.

Share your love of music with your friends.  When they register for my class, YOU will receive $15 off tuition!  There is no limit to the number of referrals you can provide... So spread the love today!    If you know a school, dance studio, sports team etc. where you could advertise or promote Let's Play Music- CONTACT ME!  For each registering referral, you get the credit.

Service Trades:
It is quite possible that you have a skill that could benefit me and my family.  If needed, trading is an option.  As a young piano student, there was a time in my life that my family could no longer afford my lessons. My incredible teacher (who helped inspire me to teach) saw my love for music and agreed to work for trade.  I am eternally grateful for her generosity and willingness to help me develop my talent.

I like to trade $ for $ - equal value.  Here are some trade ideas (and I'm open to suggestions!):
  • Tree Trimming & Planting
  • Massage - who doesn't love a little pampering!
  • Fresh Eggs or Garden Grown Veggies
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pest extermination - Despite the song... I really DON'T love bugs!
  • House Cleaning
  • Tile / Grout Cleaning
  • Hair Cuts for my kids
  • Landscaping - need to lower my front yard for better irrigation distribution
  • Photography
Raise Your Voice:
Let the world know why you love Let's Play Music by submitting your comments on the corporate Let's Play Music website.  If you comment is published, you will receive $10 off your month's tuition.

Let the world know how you feel about my studio by submitting a testimonial via email.  All testimonials submitted will receive a $5 tuition credit.

MusicLink Scholarships:
I'm please to announce my partnership with MusicLink Foundation! The MusicLink program provides lessons at a reduced fee to students who show musical promise.  Please don't let money be the only thing that keeps your child out of lessons!  Additional information can be found at the MusicLink website.   To apply for a MusicLink Scholarship, simply complete the online form (or print and return the PDF version).

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